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Geobiology studies the different sources of pollutions and toxicities in homes or living environnements.

It is a unique discipline that combines both a technical and a sensitive approach considering the place of life as a fundamental agent of our health, comfort and well-being.

It originates in the ancestral practices of the constructors of sacred sites, of the water dowsers. Geobiology took off after the 1950s, following the work of various independent researchers, often physicians, who made discoveries by studying the habitats of their patients.

Over the past thirty years, this discipline developped a holistic approach in the measurment of physical, chemical, biological or electromagnetic pollutions in our environment.

Geobiologists regard the sensitive aspects in a living environment such as a house, an appartment, a farmland, an office, etc. on its occupiants. They detect and measure telluric and different kinds of vibratory phenomena.

Technical studies, such as measurements of electromagnetic fields, indoor air quality, Radon 222, can be carried out for any type of place or project.

We take our business to heart. Geobiology is of great help at a time when the environment and our health are major issues.

We are committed to a quality approach and we respect the charter of the French Federation of Geobiology.

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