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Geobiological study

A geobiological study makes it possible to identify,  in a defined place (house, apartment, offices, workplace, etc.), the presence of potential energy disturbances or harmful effects.


These disturbances are of different kinds. The origin of these disturbances can be geological (faults, cracks, underground water veins, geobiological sources or networks. Buried tanks or pits can also be the source of disturbances) or energetic, produced by various geobiological phenomena (cosmo chimney). -telluric, memory of walls, etc.).

In all cases, the disturbances revealed by a geobiological study are harmful to living things and more particularly to humans. Being subjected to these disturbances on a regular basis (which is the case at home) considerably weakens the body and induces a loss of vital energy.

Depending on the energy and geobiological situation and the configuration of the housing or the land and for a deep remediation, a rebalancing by technique of the "raised stone" (Menhir) can be considered.

This ancestral technique (approx. 6000 years before our era) makes it possible to re-balance a plot showing a cosmo-telluric deficit. Building a "raised stone" in the precepts of geopuncture, overall brings a clear improvement of the vibratory atmosphere of a place by promoting the contribution of cosmic energy.

These studies are carried out on the site itself.


They can be carried out:


  • As a preliminary study on a building plot. The geobiological study will in this case make it possible to map the terrain by identifying telluric disturbances. Once the result is reported on the plan, the project managers, architects or builders can rely on this precise information to design a truly healthy project by making future occupants avoid the most problematic areas of the place.


  • In an existing building (house, apartment or workplace). For pure prevention or if you (or a member of your family) suffer from health concerns that do not go away until you leave your accommodation for  a weekend or a vacation, it is then possible that the origin of your symptoms is your own accommodation. So to better understand and apprehend your habitat, the geobiological study will allow to determine the zones of telluric influences and the wise advice following the study will teach you not to be subjected to these harmful influences.


  • Before making a purchase, an act that is always important in life, and in order to be sure that the property you want (land, house, apartment)  does not become the source of a future discomfort, the geobiological study will make it possible to determine the zones of telluric influences and to evaluate the coveted place on an energetic level.

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