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Electromagnetic study

An electromagnetic study allows  to define, in a given place,  the level of exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields.  The study protocol includes the measurement of low frequency electric fields (50Hz), low frequency magnetic fields (50 Hz) and microwave electromagnetic fields (100 MHz to 6 GHz band).

These studies are intended for individuals as well as professionals.

Electromagnetic audits are carried out to measure your level of electromagnetic exposure:

  • In a dwelling house

  • In an apartment

  • On a building plot

  • On a place of life (recreation area)

In occupied accommodation we measure:

  • Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields up to 400 kHz: national electricity networks (transformers, high voltage lines, very high voltage lines, etc.), railway networks, household electrical networks and all the devices connected to them.

  • High frequency electromagnetic fields on the frequency band 100 kHz to 6 GHz covering all mobile telephone networks, WiFi, VLAN, Wimax networks but also professional mobile networks, broadcasting, TV, DECT, etc.

  • The quality of the electrical earth connection: check the earth connections and the level of your electrical earth connection (resistance in accordance with standard NF-C-15 100).

  • The voltage induced in the resting rooms (the induced voltage is the electrical voltage that forms on the surface of the body in the presence of electromagnetic fields).

On land to be built or in unoccupied accommodation, we carry out the same measurements excluding the electrical earth connection and the induced voltage.

What are the objectives of these studies?

Evaluating your level of exposure, whatever the situation, providing advice and remedies to limit your exposure to electromagnetic waves, providing you with a better understanding of your electromagnetic environment are the main things.  objectives of electromagnetic diagnostics.


The universe of electromagnetic waves is complex and waves are invisible. Better understand your electromagnetic environment  allows, and this is essential, to reduce its exposure to artificial waves.


Perfect knowledge of waves and mastery of correction techniques and modes allow, after each study, to provide solutions and advice on the best remedial measures to implement to reduce your level of exposure, whatever the situation. .


Because, following specific in situ measurements which will make it possible to record the exposure values and define the main emissive sources (low or high frequencies, internal or external)  it is perfectly possible to protect yourself from these electromagnetic fields whatever the circumstances.

For these studies we use measuring devices  high-end designed for professional measurement.

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