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Indoor air quality study

Indoor air quality is one of the key factors in a home, both in terms of comfort and well-being and in terms of health. We inhale an average of 15,000 liters of air per day and a child ventilates twice as much as an adult and under these conditions it is desirable to enjoy healthy air at home, free from any chemical, biological or physical pollution.


Two levels of analysis are offered:


Level I air quality analysis:


This measurement allows you to define the temperature, humidity and humidity of the materials in your home. These initial data are essential because a large number of air pollutants, in particular biological pollutants (molds, dust mite allergens, cockroach allergens, etc.), develop under specific conditions of humidity and temperature.


Level II air quality analysis :


Measurement of 26 VOCs and 8 aldehydes that may be present in indoor air. Collection badges are placed in the accommodation for one week. The badges are then analyzed by an independent laboratory.

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